Friday, March 13, 2020

HR and Globalization essays

HR and Globalization essays The world of work has always been subject to continuous and ever evolving transformations and changes. Change is essential in an organization. Technology has changed the way we work and live. In the pre-industrial era, workers lived in isolation; they crafted goods required at their homes and farmspeople worked hard at being self-sufficient. The industrial revolution in the past century changed our way of life. People moved to cities and townspre-determined by the locations of factories and industries. The new worker was often taught a single skill that was used repetitively in mass productionin an assembly-line setup. Whereas in the past, an individual sold goods and produce that he or she personally created or grew, the modern day worker sold his time. (Curry, 2003) The Human Resource Department's functions have changed and the department is taking on more duties and responsibilities than in the past. The HR department is becoming a strategic partner for the organization as it holds the most important asset a company possesses under its controlthe human asset. The human asset cost is currently a major portion of the expenses that organizations face. Technology, the Internet and globalization of the market have drastically changed the way most organizations operate. Knowing and understanding the variables affecting the present day organizations and the models that the modern HR departments prefer will help organizations to use their human resource asset more effectively. More than physical and other resources, changing the mindset and the human factor will ultimately come to represent the new competitive edge for a Communicating the goals and mission of the company effectively to all employees...

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